Tuesday, February 24, 2015

To Be a Conquering Champion

From the moment of each of my children's conceptions I loved them more than life itself. I love each of my children differently and equally. My youngest son needed not only a mom but also a champion. He is mentally challenged and nonverbal. You might ask, "if he can't talk how are his needs met?" It's really simple. I am his voice. He has been mine for 9 years and I know him as no one else can.
Our battles are truly beginning. The school has been fighting against what's best for him for their best interest and not his. Rather than comply with instructions from his only caregiver they seek to bring others in that care nothing for him and where he will end up. Well we are finished with what they think is best. I am the mom and I wear the pants in this relationship. Either they join our side, which is his side, or get out of our way. He will get the education he deserves and is in his constitutional rights. The passive mom is gone. Now they get the warrior mom who will take no prisoners.