Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dreaming of Tomorrow.

I long for the day I can look you in the eye when I say I love you. I want to feel your touch as I want to breathe.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

In the Silence

I am a six year old little boy who appears like all little boys. I can be mischievous and stubborn like the other boys. My mommy tells people that I am different. She explains to others that my thought process is not the same. Apparently my brain works faster than the normal child’s. What makes me remarkably different is that I cannot talk. I have no means to express my needs and desires. This makes me a very frustrated little boy. The day before Mother’s Day I went to dinner with my family. I love being with my family and my cousins understand and love me for who I am. Mommy took us to Wal-mart afterwards. She let me and my sister walk and let us be little free spirits (that’s what she calls it). This little girl comes up to me and got right into my face. She scared me. I wanted to tell her to please move that I was frightened but I have no words. So I did a naughty thing. I hit her. She ran to tell her mommy. I didn’t realize that my naughty thing was that bad. On my way to the car that mommy approached my parents. She said some mean things about me. She said that I was retarded and needed to be caged. Why would a grown woman say such mean things about me? Does she not realize that I am autistic?