Thursday, March 8, 2018


He came into my life as a furry steadfast companion. I never regretted the day he choose me as his human, though I fear I never realized the impact he held on my life.

When life was too much to handle and I would sit and cry all day long, he would sit in my lap. At nights when I would lie down for the night he was either there when I went to bed or he'd meow and scratch at the door until I let him in. Wherever I went he would follow. Whatever hell I lived in his presence was always there.

On 3/4/2018 I lost my companion to the road. Never before had he been on a road, but the road took his life this day. I'll never forget my oldest child telling me, "Mom, I have some bad news. Hades is dead." My heart sank. My head couldn't wrap itself with the words. I had to see for myself. Upon seeing his lifeless body, I realize I lost my most faithful friend. Never before have I sobbed over the loss of a pet, but on this day I did and at this moment I still do.

My life lesson in this: never take a life for granted, because one day they'll only be a memory. Tell those you love how valuable they are too you. Life is too short to regret words not said. Some day memories will be all we have left.