Thursday, February 16, 2012

Innocence Lost

In the darkness of the night
The sky so starry and bright
Of all the promises left unspoken
To me a sacred vow was broken
A vow to love honor and cherish
Without the love I should perish
Foolishly tonight I gave my heart
Wishing my world won’t fall apart
Yet in the early dawn of morning
My head shouted out a warning
Of the loss of innocence mine
I left the naivety of childhood behind
Venturing to this new world ahead
Knowing this new life’s to be led
Will I falter? Will I fail?
Will I live in eternal hell?
What must I do to break this spell?
If I knew my heart, my heart would tell
What a tale to be told
Of a story ancient and old
Should I love or should I leave
Or the words should I believe
Should I laugh or should I cry
Or should I leave the world to die
The pain and misery
Are now my constant company